Friday, September 27, 2013


Sun Tzu quoted, “For to win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill”. This is so true. A dictator never invents their own opportunities. Stand up and make your choices as one of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.

In this chapter, I will continue writing about the lies and deception after they make the announcement on the outcome of the meeting.

In addition to making announcements on the counting computer error, victory of Zairil and dropped of Vincent Wu, in the same press conference on 4th. January 2013, Tony Pua also announced that the first meeting of the CEC on 16th. September 2012 is valid. In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.

This is what I meant by Tony Pua who invites a huge disaster and will lead to the destruction of DAP. The same action as the HIV virus injected into the body (DAP) and the body (DAP) are now mired with AIDS disease and at any time soon to be dead. Dialectic thought is an attempt to break through the coercion of logic by its own means.

The first CEC meeting held on 16th. December 2012 was attended by Vincent Wu. During that meeting, the CEC meeting members make the decision to appoint National Chairman, Secretary General, Chairman of the Discipline and other position.

With Vincent Wu was dropped from the list, the first CEC meeting was illegal because Vincent Wu also involved in the decision-making during the meeting. When this meeting is not valid then the appointment of the top party leader is also not valid. Till now Lim Guan Eng position as Secretary General is not valid. When Lim Guan Eng position is not valid, this is what I meant by it will lead to the destruction of the DAP. When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, they should adjust the action steps.

A total of 40 members of the DAP who lost their patience with lies upon lies and the deception done by Lim Guan Eng, Tony Pua and Anthony Loke has acted to make an official complaint to the Malaysian Registrar of Societies (ROS) on 14th. January 2013. Complaints made in respect of DAP action failed to give sufficient time on the notice for the meeting in accordance with the constitution, illegal delegates and events to manipulate the vote. When written in Chinese, the word “crisis” is composed of two characters. One represents danger and the other represents opportunity.

Based on 1966 Organizations Act, all registered organizations are required to submit their annual reports to the ROS within 60 days after the annual meeting. When 40 members of the DAP make the complaints to ROS on 14th. January 2013, DAP has yet to submit the report to ROS.

DAP finally send their reports to the ROS a week before the 60 days given time expired which on 8th. February 2013. Reports submitted was incomplete and not being attached with the minutes of  first CEC meeting which was attended by Vincent Wu. Where in the meeting, Vincent Wu was directly involved on selecting the party’s top leadership, including choosing Lim Guan Eng as the Secretary General.

Where is the transparency and integrity which always propagated by Lim Dynasty all this while during reigning power in DAP when they submit a false report to the ROS? Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely. Character is higher than intellect. A great soul will be strong to live as well as to think.

Why do they act such ways and what Lim Guan Eng trying to do? I will explain it on the next chapter.

Bahasa Malaysia translated version will be publish later as my colleague still tied up with something. He will translate it as soon as possible……

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


4th January 2013 was described as a dark period in history and the beginning of disaster and devastation to DAP. The main contributor that started this dooms was Dynasty Lim, Anthony Loke and  Tony Pua.

On the very same day, Tony Pua made the announcement that there are errors in the results of the counting of votes for CEC announced earlier on 15th. December 2012. Tony Pua justify it stems from problems tallying system that made use of Microsoft Excel. Having this excuse had the crowd laughing until now. This is a joke of a century. Bravo Tony!

The computer system error calculating the number of votes gained by Vincent Wu, candidate who won at the 6th place with the number of votes counted 1202 votes. Tony Pua stated the actual number of votes secure by Vincent Wu is just 669 votes.

Not just that. The error was not just affecting Vincent Wu votes but Zairil Khir Johari too. Tony Pua also stated that after the error being corrected, Zairil gain 803 votes which landing him at 20th place in CEC. Zairil votes which was announced earlier on 15th December 2012 was only 305 votes which ranked him at 39th position on the list of CEC election result.

Again, this issue seen as joke of a century among DAP members and also to the member of public. They wondered why the computer system just miscalculated Vincent Wu and Zairil votes only and not for the other candidates.

Many CEC election candidates lost including P. Ramasamy and M. Manoharan, they frankly tell the people that Zairil entry into CEC was a hoax planned to show to the public that the Malays have a place in the DAP.

Zairil himself was surprised with his victory and did not think he had many supporters to be opted into CEC although he just recently joined the DAP.

Nga Kor Ming told one of the PAS leader, the secret beyond the legacy of Lim Dynasty defending their throne and power over the years has revealed. By using the Malay proverb, Nga Kor Ming quotes “Sepandai tupai melompat, akhirnya jatuh juga ke tanah”. It means at any fraud done, surely one day the fraud will be uncovered. For decades Lim Kit Siang committed fraud by manipulating the delegates vote to retain his power and finally Lim Guan Eng, Anthony Loke and Tony Pua ( the three stooges ) uncover the secret.

As the darkest hour in DAP has just begun, Tony Pua at the same time bringing disaster that could bring far more severe destruction to the party of DAP.

What is the more severe destruction to DAP? I will share with you on the next chapter…..


Tarikh 4 Januari 2013 adalah satu tarikh titik hitam dalam sejarah DAP. Kebinasaan terhadap DAP bermula dari tarikh tersebut hasil kerja Dinasti Lim, Anthony Loke dan Tony Pua. 

Pada hari itu Tony Pua membuat pengumuman bahawa terdapat kesilapan pengiraan undi dalam keputusan CEC yang diumumkan pada pada 15 Disember 2012. Tony Pua memberi alasan ianya berpunca dari masalah penjumlahan undi yang dibuat menggunakan sistem Microsoft Excel. Alasan yang menjadi bahan gelak ketawa orang ramai hingga kini. 

Sistem komputer dikatakan silap mengira jumlah undi yang diraih Vincent Wu, calon yang menang di tempat ke 6 dengan dengan bilangan undi 1202 UNDI. Tony Pua menyatakan jumlah undi sebenar yang diraih oleh Vincent Wu hanya 669 undi. 

Bukan hanya itu sahaja, kesilapan bukan setakat Vincent Wu, malah turut melibatkan undi untuk Zairil Khir Johari. Tony Pua menyatakan undi yang diterima Zairil adalah 803 undi dan beliau menang di tempat ke 20. Keputusan yang diumumkan pada 15 Disember 2012 Zairil berada di tempat ke 39 dengan jumlah undi yang diterima 305 undi. 

Perkara tersebut melucukan ahli-ahli DAP dan orang ramai. Mereka tertanya-tanya kenapa komputer hanya tersalah kira undi Zairil dan Vincent Wu sedangkan undi untuk calon-calon lain tidak berubah ? 

Ramai calon-calon CEC yang tewas termasuk P.Ramasamy dan M.Manoharan terus terang memberitahu ramai orang bahawa kemasukkan Zairil ke dalam CEC adalah satu penipuan yang terancang untuk menunjukkan kepada masyarakat umum bahawa orang melayu mempunyai tempat dalam DAP. 

Zairil sendiri pun terkejut dengan kemenangannya dan tidak menyangka dirinya mempunyai ramai penyokong hingga dipilih masuk ke dalam CEC walaupun baru menyertai DAP. 

Nga Kor Ming pula memberitahu salah seorang pemimpin PAS rahsia kehebatan Dinasti Lim mempertahankan kuasa mereka selama ini telah terbongkar. Dengan menggunakan peribahasa melayu Nga Kor Ming berkata “sepandai-pandai tupai melompat akhirnya jatuh ke tanah juga”. Ianya membawa maksud sehebat mana pun melakukan penipuan satu hari tetap terbongkar. Selama puluhan tahun Lim Kit Siang melakukan penipuan dengan memanipulasi undi perwakilan untuk beliau mengekalkan kuasa, akhirnya Lim Guan Eng, Anthony Loke dan Tony Pua membongkar rahsia tersebut. 

Setelah melakukan titik-titik kebinasaan terhadap DAP , di hari yang sama juga Tony Pua melakukan satu mala petaka terhadap DAP yang boleh membawa kebinasaan yang jauh lebih teruk terhadap parti itu. 

Apa kebinasaan yang jauh lebih besar akan dikongsikan dalam episod akan datang.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Today, I will continue writing about the two famous humble servant of Lim Dynasty and the beginning of DAP Doomsday......

As soon as all the winning candidates in CEC announced, Lim Guan Eng immediately calls for the first CEC meeting. On that meeting, Lim Guan Eng was again 'elected' by CEC as Secretary General.

Vincent Wu who also is in the 6th placed on the winning list was attending it. Why I need to highlight his name which I will explain it later.

After the National Congress completed, things get way out of hand when media and public questioned on why none of the representatives from Malay communities in CEC. This truly reflected the allegations that DAP are purely a Chinese chauvinist party.

PAS and PKR were also feels the heat and pressure. They then extended this pressure to DAP on which, if this were prolonged will jeopardize support from Malay communities which will be reflecting the 13thgeneral election result.

Continuous pressure for weeks makes Lim Guan Eng restless. He has to consider the request from his alliance and future effect which will be reflected by this CEC election result. Finally he called his two servants Tony Pua and Anthony Loke to do something about this, so that a representative from Malay communities will be in CEC.

After handing the task to his both servants, Lim Guan Eng thought everything will be back to normal as it is because these tasks handled and in the hand of ‘best of the best’ strategic experts but unfortunately things don’t turn as expected. This two so called “Best of The Best Strategic Experts” bring a disastrous impact to DAP.

I will share with you the dooms that these two servants of Lim Guan Eng have made which lead to a disastrous future for DAP in the next chapter……..  


Hari ini saya akan terus menulis berkenaan dua orang suruhan setia Dinasti Lim dan permulaan kebinasaan kepada DAP.

Sebaik sahaja calon-calon yang menang dalam pemilihan CEC diumumkan, Lim Guan Eng dengan segera memanggil mesyuarat CEC yang pertama. Di mana dalam mesyuarat itu Lim Guan Eng sekali lagi dipilih oleh ahli CEC sebagai Setiausaha Agung.

Mesyuarat berkenaan turut dihadiri oleh Vincent Wu iaitu calon yang menang di tangga ke 6. Kenapa perlu saya timbulkan nama Vincet Wu akan saya jelaskan nanti. 
Selepas selesai Kongres Kebangsaan tersebut keadaan menjadi kecoh apabila pihak media dan orang ramai mempertikaikan ketiadaan seorang pun wakil kaum melayu dalam CEC. Ianya mengesahkan dakwaan sebelum itu bahawa DAP adalah sebuah parti chauvinis cina. 

PAS dan PKR juga turut tertekan keputusan itu. Mereka juga turut memberi tekanan kepada DAP jika isu itu dibiarkan berterusan ianya bakal menyusahkan mereka mendapat sokongan kaum melayu dalam pilihanraya umum ke 13. 

Tekanan yang berterusan diterima selama bermingu-mingu membuatkan Lim Guan Eng tidak tahan. Akhirnya Lim Guan Eng memanggil dua orang suruhannya, Tony Pua dan Anthony Loke untuk melakukan sesuatu bagi memastikan wakil kaum melayu berada dalam CEC. 

Apabila tugas itu diserahkan kepada dua orang tersebut Lim Guan Eng berfikiran semuanya akan selesai dengan mudah kerana dua orang itu sering digambarkan sebagai pakar strategi yang paling hebat. Sebaliknya dua orang itu membawa kebinasaan yang jauh lebih besar kepada DAP. 

Apa kebinasaan yang mereka buat saya akan kongsikan dengan anda dalam dalam siri akan datang.

Monday, September 23, 2013


Yesterday was a fine Sunday. The gathering at the service was overwhelm. I look around at the other congregants and the first 2 lines from Psalm 23 crossed my mind. The lord is my shepherd. This proclaims the metaphor of the psalm, that god is like our shepherd. He helps us to find all that we need and protects us from evil. He also gently prods us when we step out of line and deviate from the way of living. The second line I shall not want. This means that I will have everything I need if I allow God to be my shepherd. I may not have everything the ego want, but I will be cared for and provided for very well indeed. It also means I will be okay. You will get this when you elect to have god run your life.

Now, I will continue disclosing the truths about the commencement of the deception in DAP 16th. CEC

According to DAP National Congress constitution, CEC election will be held in every 3 years.

In year 2012, DAP branches all over Malaysia which awarded with A Certificate is 865 branches, while B class Certificate 150 branches. Protem branch 70 branches. Only A class certificate branches allowed to send their delegates as voters in CEC.

All the 865 branches in A class Certificate completed their branch meeting in early 2012 to choose their delegations to the National Congress which eligible them to cast their votes to elect 20 CEC members. 

Numbers of delegates from each branch will be determined by the number of members in the respective branch.
  • 15 – 25 members: 1 delegate
  • 26 – 50 members: An additional of 2 delegates.
  • 51 – 100 members: An additional of 1 delegate.
Branches that have already completed their meeting will send their delegation name list to the Secretary General Office. Total delegate from all 865 branches in Malaysia is 2576 delegates.

When all branch delegates name list received by Lim Guan Eng, he and his father will screened each delegates to ensure that all of this delegates is pros to Lim Dynasty and will definitely giving votes to them. It is best to describe as draw not your bow till your arrow is fixed. 

Lim Guan Eng has to ensure that Lim Kit Siang, his father will gain highest votes and he himself in second place after his father. He will always keep the pace not far to his father.

During the screening process, the Lim’s concluded that they expect getting lower votes compare with other candidates. Lim Guan Eng has delayed the call for National Congress. As wise man said, procrastination is the thief of time. He has called his two loyal and humble servants Anthony Loke and Tony Pua to perform further study on the delegation list to conclude the level of support to both Lim Dynasty and The 5 Tiger of DAP.

The outcome from the study done by both humble servants, Lim Kit Siang can only manage to get 1060 votes and will be at 11th place while Lim Guan Eng manages to get 1029 votes and will be at The 5 Tiger of DAP will secure the first top 5.
  1. Teng Chang Kim – 1905 votes
  2. Nga Kor Ming – 1828 votes
  3. Chow Kon Yeow – 1739 votes
  4. Boo Cheng Hau – 1711 votes
  5. Ngeh Koo Ham – 1577 votes
One of the main reason delegates didn’t give votes to Lim Dynasty is because of Lim Guan Eng arrogance and foolishness. While Indian delegations were pissed off with Kampong Buah Pala issue.

Lim Guan Eng has to postpone again the call for National Congress. He has instructed Tony Pua and Anthony Loke to perform miracle that awarding his father the highest votes followed by him then Karpal Singh at third place and another two cronies of Lim Dynasty at fourth and fifth place.

As time passing by, year 2012 is near towards the end. National Congress to elect CEC has to complete before year end 2012. Again Lim Guan Eng instruct Anthony Loke and Tony Pua. This time to implement dirty tactics which I will describe below on ensuring Lim Dynasty will reign power in DAP without any reasonable doubt.

DAP constitution clearly stated that a notice has to be serve to call elected delegates for National Congress must be 10 weeks before the Congress schedule date.

National Congress finally has been held on 15th and 16th December 2012 in PISA Penang.

Among the dirty tactics which I mentioned earlier done by Anthony Loke and Tony Pua as per instructed by Lim Guan Eng is:

1. Serving notice to all delegates for National Congress within less than 10 days. They done this silently for not to create any attention from inside and outside DAP.

2. Notice only been given to 1726 delegates for Certificate class A branches which is pros to Lim Dynasty. Total actual eligible delegates are 2576 people. 1300 delegates that is marked as an opposition to Lim Dynasty not being given the notice for National Congress.

3. 547 illegal delegates which were handpicked by Anthony Loke and Tony Pua were given the notice to attend National Congress. This people act as servant to Anthony Loke and Tony Pua and will follow any instruction given to them.

4. Delegates were not given the list of 2576 people which are an eligible voter on that day. DAP constitution clearly stated that the delegation has to get name list of all delegates who is eligible to vote on CEC election.

5. Lim Guan Eng elected his father loyal assistant, Pooi Weng Keong as an Election Manager.

6. Location to vote and ballots for the illegal delegation (547 people) is separated from the genuine delegation. And a special route to the election place has been done without any knowledge of other delegates including The 5 Tiger of DAP.

7. The 547 illegal delegates only have to vote 6 names out of 20 names supposed delegates to cast their votes. They only have to vote for Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng, Karpal Singh, Chong Chieng Jin, Anthony Loke and Vincent Wu. Balance 14 other names will be mark by Anthony Loke and Tony Pua team members.

Normally, CEC result will be announce somewhere around 5 to 6pm on the same day. This 16th CEC showed very obvious delay. This happened because of Anthony Loke and Tony Pua team took long time to divide 7658 votes which were emptied by 547 illegal delegates so that the result will appear logic and not to have any dispute after being announced.

Finally the time has come to announce CEC election result which is about 9pm. The result is favourable to what Lim Guan Eng expected from the miracle done by his 2 humble servants, Anthony Loke and Tony Pua.
  1. Lim Kit Siang – 1607 votes
  2. Lim Guan Eng – 1576 votes
  3. Karpal Singh – 1411 votes
  4. Chong Chien Jin – 1211 votes
  5. Anthony Loke – 1202 votes
  6. Vincent Wu – 1202 votes
  7. Tan Kok Wai – 1199 votes
  8. Gobind Singh – 1197 votes
  9. Tony Pua – 1162 votes
  10. Teng Chang Kim – 1152 votes
  11. Fong Kui Lun – 1137 votes
  12. Nga Kor Ming – 1075 votes
  13. Chong Eng – 1006 votes
  14. Chow Kon Yeow – 986 votes
  15. Liew Chin Tong – 984 votes
  16. M. Kulasegaran – 984 votes
  17. Boo Cheng Hau – 958 votes
  18. Teresa Kok – 925 votes
  19. Teo Nie Ching – 903 votes
  20. Ngeh Koo Ham – 824 votes
When this result announced, a senior DAP member Dr. Tan Seng Giaw were angry and openly criticized saying that manipulation and fraud has occurred. Many of the delegates including CEC candidates were shocked to found out on how Anthony Loke, Vincent Wu and Tony Pua be able to get higher votes compare with senior DAP member and others whom obviously having a lot of supporter like Teng Chang Kim, Boo Cheng Hau and Chow Kon Yeow. They felt that this result is totally unacceptable and way out of mind.

What will happen next ? I will expose it on next chapter.


Berdasarkan perlembagaan DAP Kongres Kebangsaan untuk memilih CEC diadakan setiap tiga tahun sekali. 

Pada tahun 2012 jumlah cawangan DAP seluruh Malaysia yang mempunyai Sijil A sebanyak 865 cawangan dan cawangan Sijil B pula 150 cawangan. Manakala cawangan penaja pula 70 cawangan. Hanya cawangan Sijil A sahaja yang boleh menghantar perwakilan bagi memilih CEC. 

Kesemua 865 cawangan Sijil A telah selesai mengadakan mesyuarat mereka pada awal tahun 2012 untuk memilih perwakilan ke Kongres Kebangsaan seterusnya mengundi untuk memilih 20 orang anggota CEC. 

Jumlah perwakilan bagi setiap cawangan bergantung kepada jumlah keahlian. 
  • 15-25 ahli – Seorang perwakilan 
  • 26-50 ahli – Dua orang perwakilan tambahan 
  • 51-100 ahli – Seorang perwakilan tambahan 
Cawangan-cawangan yang selesai bermesyuarat akan menghantar senarai nama perwakilan ke pejabat Setiausaha Agung. Jumlah perwakilan untuk 865 cawangan adalah 2576 orang. 

Apabila senarai perwakilan sampai ke tangan Lim Guan Eng, beliau dan bapanya akan membuat semakan terlebih dahulu untuk mengenal pasti perwakilan-perwakilan yang pro mereka dan yang pasti akan memberi undi kepada mereka. 

Lim Guan Eng mahu memastikan bapanya mendapat undi terbanyak dan beliau undi kedua terbanyak. Beliau tidak mahu berada jauh dari kedudukan bapanya. 

Semakan yang dilakukannya mendapati mereka dua beranak akan berada di tangga yang lebih bawah daripada calon-calon lain. Lim Guan Eng menangguh untuk memanggil Kongres Kebangsaan dan meminta dua orang suruhannya iaitu Anthony Loke dan Tony Pua melakukan kajian lanjut ke atas perwakilan bagi mengetahui tahap sokongan mereka terhadap Lim Guan Eng, Lim Kit Siang dan kumpulan Lima Harimau. 

Keputusan kajian yang dilakukan oleh Anthony Loke dan Tony Pua mendapati Lim Kit Siang mampu memperolehi 1060 undi dan berada di tangga ke 11. Lim Guan Eng pula hanya mampu meraih 1029 undi dan berada di tangga ke 13. Manakala kumpulan Lima Harimau menduduki tangga lima teratas. 
  1. Teng Chang Kim - 1905 undi 
  2. Nga Kor Ming – 1828 undi 
  3. Chow Kon Yeow – 1739 undi 
  4. Boo Cheng Hau – 1711 undi 
  5. Ngeh Koo Ham – 1577 undi 
Antara sebab perwakilan tidak mahu mengundi Dinasti Lim kerana sikap bodoh sombong serta angkuh Lim Guan Eng. Manakala perwakilan kaum india pula marah kerana isu Kampung Buah Pala. 

Lim Guan Eng terpaksa menangguhkan lagi untuk memanggil Kongres Kebangsaan kerana sebab-sebab ini. Dia meminta Tony Pua dan Anthony Loke melakukan sesuatu bagi memastikan bapa dia berada di tangga pertama, dia di tangga kedua, Karpal Singh di tangga ketiga dan dua lagi orangnya berada tangga lima teratas menerima undi terbanyak. 

Tahun 2012 semakin hampir ke penghujungnya. Kongres Kebangsaan untuk memilih CEC perlu diadakan sebelum berakhirnya tahun 2012. Sekali lagi Lim Guan Eng mengarahkan Anthony Loke dan Tony Pua melakukan taktik kotor untuk memastikan Dinasti Lim terus menguasai DAP. 

Perlembagaan DAP menetapkan notis untuk memanggil Kongres Kebangsaan perlu diberikan kepada perwakilan dalam tempoh 10 minggu sebelum tarikh kongres. 

Kongres Kebangsaan telah diadakan pada 15 dan 16 Disember 2012 di PISA Pulau Pinang. 

Antara taktik kotor yang digunakan Lim Guan Eng, Anthony Loke dan Tony Pua seperti berikut. 

1.Mengeluarkan notis kepada perwakilan untuk memanggil Kongres Kebangsaan dalam tempoh kurang dari 10 hari. Ianya dilakukan secara senyap supaya tidak menarik perhatian orang dalam dan luar parti. 

2.Notis hanya diberikan kepada 1726 orang perwakilan dari cawangan Sijil A yang telah dikenal pasti sebagai orangnya. Jumlah keseluruhan perwakilan adalah 2576 orang. Sebanyak 1300 perwakilan yang dikenal pasti menentangnya tidak diberikan notis. 

3.Notis turut diberi kepada 547 orang perwakilan haram yang dipilih oleh Anthony Loke dan Tony Pua yang mana 547 orang itu adalah orang-orang yang boleh mengikuti arahan mereka. 

4. Perwakilan tidak dibekalkan senarai 2576 orang yang layak mengundi pada hari berkenaan. Sedangkan perlembagaan menetapkan setiap perwakilan perlu diberikan senarai perwakilan-perwakilan yang layak mengundi untuk memilih CEC. 

5.Lim Guan Eng melantik pembantu setia bapanya, Pooi Weng Keong sebagai pegawai pengurus pemilihan. 

6.Tempat mengundi dan kotak undi berasingan untuk 547 perwakilan haram yang dipilih oleh Anthony Loke dan Tony Pua. Satu laluan khusus telah disediakan untuk perwakilan haram ke tempat pengundian supaya tidak disedari oleh perwakilan lain dan kumpulan Lima Harimau. 

7.Perwakilan haram hanya diminta mengundi enam nama sahaja, sepatutnya mereka perlu mengundi 20 nama untuk mengisi CEC. Mereka hanya diminta untuk mengundi Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng, Karpal Singh, Chong Chieng Jin, Anthony Loke dan Vincent Wu. Selebihnya 14 nama lagi akan ditandakan oleh pasukan yang diketuai Anthony Loke dan Tony Pua. 

Kebiasaanya keputusan pemilihan CEC yang sebelum itu akan diumumkan sekitar jam 5 atau 6 petang. Bagaimanapun untuk CEC ke 16 ianya berlaku kelewatan yang ketara. Ini disebabkan pasukan Anthony Loke dan Tony Pua memerlukan masa yang panjang untuk membahagi-bahagikan 7658 undi yang dikosongkan oleh 547 perwakilan haram supaya ianya nampak logik dan tidak dipertikaikan oleh perwakilan yang sah. 

Akhirnya keputusan CEC diumumkan menjelang jam 9 malam. Keputusannya sama seperti yang dirancangkan oleh Lim Guan Eng, Anthony Loke dan Tony Pua. 
  1. Lim Kit Siang – 1607 undi 
  2. Lim Guan Eng – 1576 undi 
  3. Karpal Singh – 1411 undi 
  4. Chong Chieng Jin – 1211 undi 
  5. Anthony Loke – 1202 undi 
  6. Vincent Wu – 1202 undi 
  7. Tan Kok Wai – 1199 undi 
  8. Gobind Singh – 1197 undi 
  9. Tony Pua – 1162 undi 
  10. Teng Chang Kim – 1152 undi 
  11. Fong Kui Lun – 1137 undi 
  12. Nga Kor Ming – 1075 undi 
  13. Chong Eng – 1006 undi 
  14. Chow Kon Yeow – 986 undi 
  15. Liew Chin Tong – 984 undi 
  16. M. Kulasegaran – 984 undi 
  17. Boo Cheng Hau – 958 undi 
  18. Teresa Kok – 925 undi 
  19. Teo Nie Ching – 903 undi 
  20. Ngeh Koo Ham – 824 undi 
Apabila keputusan diumumkan, ahli senior DAP,Dr Tan Seng Giaw menjadi marah dan membuat kecaman secara terbuka bahawa terdapat penipuan dan manipulasi undi. Ramai perwakilan dan calon-calon CEC terkejut bagaimana Anthony Loke, Vincent Wu dan Tony Pua mendapat undi yang begitu tinggi mengatasi mereka yang lebih senior dan mempunyai penyokong yang ramai seperti Teng Chang Kim, Boo Cheng Hau dan Chow Kon Yeow. Mereka merasakan ini satu keputusan yang tidak masuk akal. 

Apa yang terjadi seterusnya ? Saya akan dedahkan dalam episod yang akan datang.

Friday, September 20, 2013


Today marked as the third day of me blogging. Even at this very early days of this blog, the respond that I get is overwhelming. It is obvious that some of DAP leaders which is pro Lim Dynasty has started to feel the heat. Started with Anthony Loke who has barred DAP Insider twitter from following him and finally DAP Insider twitter account being barred yesterday. Wow, less than 48 hours and this is the result. Interesting... To listen well, is as powerful a means of influence as to talk well, and is as essential to all true conversation. Lim Guan Eng and Anthony Loke now accusing Former DAP National Chairman, Chen Man Hin as a flint that ignite to the existence of this blog. 

Why am I not surprised? 

I have often thought the best way to define a man’s character would be to seek out the particular mental or moral attitude in which, when it came upon him, he felt himself most deeply and intensely active and alive. At such moments there is a voice inside which speaks and says: This is the real me. I hold this as a rule of life. Too much of anything is bad. We can never go back and change what has been done. But we can always learn the lesson to make things better the next time.

Enough said.....

As promised, today I will reveal the 5 Tiger. The most fear by Lim Dynasty. This group of people has the capacity to threaten Lim Guan Eng political journey. They doesn’t look as tame as they look….at any moment they might ended up Lim Guan Eng career in politics single handily and they are:-
  1. Teng Chang Kim – Selangor
  2. Chow Kon Yeow – Pulau Pinang
  3. Boo Cheng Hau – Johor
  4. Nga Kor Ming – Perak
  5. Ngeh Koo Ham – Perak
All this 5 Tiger is the true enemy of Lim Guan Eng and must be eliminated by Lim Dynasty before Lim Kit Siang exit his way out from DAP leadership. Let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. A verse in Holy Bible stated, "A wise servant shall have rule over a son that causeth shame, and shall have part of inheritance among the brethren".

Teng Chang Kim is the only DAP senior assemblyman in Selangor. He won many general elections under Barisan National ruling before.

When Pakatan Rakyat formed a government in Selangor in 2008, Teng Chang Kim has been denied his right to be elected as an Exco member that representing DAP. Lim Dynasty has appointed a fresh boy , Ean Yong Hian Wah rather than their own senior members. Also , they appointed Ronnie Liu as an Exco member. Both of this man is Lim Dynasty humble servant to dig out money in Selangor.

In the end , the most unfortunate things happened to Teoh Beng Hock who was a Political Secretary for Ean Yong Hian Wah has committed suicide just to cover up his employer corruption practised. These corruption masterminds by no other than Lim Dynasty.

In the other hand, Ronnie Liu at his best has been instructed by Lim Dynasty to find as much as possible money from the underworld to finance Central DAP. Ronnie Liu once labelled as The Godfather of the underworld in Selangor. This is no joke. This is the truth. Ronnie Liu act based on the blessed given by Lim Dynasty. In the end, Ronnie name was tarnish and he was defeated in CEC 2012. Ronnie was also not being nominated in 13th. general election. Lim Dynasty has spoken. It is no other than to preserved DAP name from being tarnish towards forming up the Federal Government together with PKR and PAS in Pakatan Rakyat coalitions.

Finally , Lim Dynasty has no choice but to choose Teng Chang Kim as an Exco representing DAP in the state government after Pakatan Rakyat successful win in 13th general election securing the state of Selangor . Lim Dynasty was fully aware if Teng Chang Kim was not elected as an Exco member again, will creating chaos.

The appointment of Teng Chang Kim is not a truly and sincerely from the hearts of Lim Dynasty. It is easier to describe as The Chinese Opera of The Year. Stepping a step back doesn’t mean losing a war. It is a matter of strategic move to win back the war in no time. Lim Dynasty together with their loyal servant in DAP war room , Anthony Loke and Tony Pua is now structuring ways to eliminate Teng Chang Kim and the other four tiger from DAP. I will reveal their neat and precise strategy. One must know oneself. If this does not serve to discover truth, it at least serves as a rule of life and there is nothing better.

Chow Kon Yeow as Pulau Pinang DAP Chairman supposed to be elected as Penang Chief Minister after DAP win the 12th.general election in 2008 in the state of Penang. Again, it was denied by Lim Kit Siang and the mandate given to his son Lim Guan Eng as Chief Minister of Penang.

Boo Cheng Hau as Johor DAP Chairman was denied his right to proposed candidates for 13th. General election. This was decided by Lim Dynasty to ensure that Boo Cheng Hau lose his influence in Johor.

The infamous cousins from Perak, Nga Kor Ming and Ngeh Koo Ham currently having big fight with Lim Dynasty proxy for Perak , M. Kulasegaran.

Having troubles regarding 2012 CEC election seems as a golden opportunity and best to describe as the moment that Lim Dynasty long await which no other than to eliminate all 5 tiger from DAP.

Lies are essential to humanity. They are perhaps as important as the pursuit of pleasure and moreover are dictated by that pursuit. Tell me and I’ll forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me and I’ll understand.

The structured plan by Lim Dynasty is like killing 3 birds with 1 stone………

How and will Lim Dynasty succeed? I will expose it on the next chapter……..


Hari ini adalah hari ketiga saya berblog. Walaupun masih baru blog ini telah mendapat sambutan yang menggalakkan dari rakyat Malaysia. Ada pemimpin DAP yang pro Dinasti Lim sudah mula kepanasan. Anthony Loke telah menghalang twitter DAP Insider dari mengkutinya. Malah akaun twitter DAP Insider telah disekat. Lim Guan Eng dan Anthony Loke kini menuduh bekas Pengerusi Kebangsaan DAP, Chen Man Hin sebagai batu api sehingga wujudnya blog ini.

Seperti yang dijanjikan,hari ini saya ingin mendedahkan kisah Lima Harimau.  Kumpulan ini sangat menakutkan Dinasti Lim. Orang-orang ini mampu mendatang ancaman kepada perjalanan politik Lim Guan Eng. Walaupun mereka kelihatan jinak tetapi bila-bila masa sahaja mereka mampu menerkam Lim Guan Eng. Mereka ialah;
  1. Teng Chang Kim – Selangor
  2. Chow Kon Yeow – Pulau Pinang
  3. Boo Cheng Hau – Johor
  4. Nga Kor Ming – Perak
  5. Ngeh Koo Ham – Perak

Kesemua lima diatas adalah musuh Lim Guan Eng yang perlu dibunuh oleh Dinasti Lim sebelum Lim Kit Siang meninggalkan DAP.

Teng Chang Kim adalah satu-satunya Adun DAP yang paling senior di Selangor. Beliau menang sejak beberapa pilihanraya yang lepas termasuk di bawah pemerintahan BN.

Apabila Pakatan Rakyat membentuk kerajaan di Selangor pada tahun 2008, Teng Chang Kim telah dinafikan haknya untuk dilantik sebagai Exco yang mewakili DAP. Sebaliknya Dinasti Lim lebih rela memilih budak hingusan, Ean Yong Hian Wah. Juga melantik Ronnie Liu sebagai exco. Ini kerana kedua-dua orang ini adalah orang suruhan Dinasti Lim untuk mereka mencari wang di Selangor.

Akhirnya kita menyaksikan bagaimana Teoh Beng Hock yang bertugas sebagai Setiausaha Politik kepada Ean Yong Hian Wah membunuh diri kerana mahu melindungi kegiatan rasuah majikannya. Sedangkan kegiatan rasuah majikannya dilakukan atas arahan Dinasti Lim.

Ronnie Liu diarahkan oleh Dinasti Lim agar mencari wang sebanyak mungkin dari kegiatan haram  di Selangor untuk kegunaan DAP Pusat. Sehingga Ronnie dilabel sebagai bapa kepada kegiatan haram. Perkara itu memang benar. Namun ianya dilakukan atas arahan Dinasti Lim. Akhirnya nama Ronnie rosak dan kalah dalam pemilihan CEC 2012. Ronnie juga tidak dicalonkan semula dalam pilihanraya umum ke 13 kerana kata Dinasti Lim ianya boleh menyebabkan nama DAP tercemar dalam usaha mereka untuk membentuk Kerajaan Persekutuan bersama PKR dan PAS.

Akhirnya Teng Chang Kim dipilih oleh Dinasti Lim sebagai exco yang mewakili DAP selepas Pakatan Rakyat berjaya pertahankan Selangor dalam pilihanraya umum ke 13. Dinasti Lim tahu jika Teng Chang Kim tidak dipilih huru hara pasti akan timbul. Dinasti Lim meletakkan Teng Chang Kim sebagai exco bukan dengan ikhlas hati. Ianya tidak lebih sebagai opera cina sahaja. Dinasti Lim dengan bantuan anggota war room mereka, Anthony Loke dan Tony Pua sedang merangka jalan yang paling halus untuk menyingkirkan Teng Chang Kim serta Empat Harimau lagi daripada DAP. Saya akan dedahkan kepada anda nanti apa rancangan halus mereka.

Chow Kon Yeow pula sebagai Pengerusi DAP Pulau Pinang sepatutnya dipilih sebagai Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang apabila DAP Berjaya menubuhkan kerajaan di negeri itu pada 2008. Bagaimanapun haknya telah dinafikan oleh Lim Kit Siang apabila dia melantik anaknya sebagai Ketua Menteri.

Boo Cheng Hau pula selaku Pengerusi DAP Johor telah dinafikan haknya untuk mencadangkan calon-calon DAP dalam pilihanraya umum ke 13. Semuanya diputuskan oleh Dinasti Lim demi untuk memastikan Boo Cheng Hau hilang pengaruh di Johor.

Dua sepupu dari Perak, Nga Kor Ming dan Ngeh Koo Ham sedang bergaduh besar dengan proksi Dinasti Lim di Perak, M.Kulasegaran.

Masalah kekalutan berhubung pemilihan CEC tahun 2012 menjadi peluang terbaik untuk untuk Dinasti Lim menyingkirkan Lima Harimau di atas.

Rancangan yang sedang dilakukan oleh Dinasti Lim umpama satu batu yang berjaya bunuh tiga ekor burung.

Bagaimana caranya dan adakah Dinasti Lim akan berjaya akan kami dedahkan dalam episod akan datang.

Thursday, September 19, 2013


As I wrote yesterday, today is the day that mark the starting grid for me to expose fraud done by Lim Dynasty in DAP. As for today, I would like to share with you how Lim Dynasty manipulate DAP constitution to reign power.

Since 1968, DAP falls under Lim Kit Siang controlled . He was then a Secretary General or National Chairman of DAP. Under DAP organisation, Secretary General holding the absolute power. The same concept practised by PKM (Parti Komunis Malaya) where the secretary general was Chin Peng.

These is the first manipulation done by Lim Kit Siang on DAP Constitution to ensure he and his dynasty reign absolute power in DAP. 

DAP doesn’t have divisional centre in every parliamentary constitution area unlike other political parties. DAP only have branch.

These branches divided into 2 groups:

i) Certificate A branch
ii) Certificate B branch

Secretary General has the absolute power to determine certification class of each branch. Members of branches granted with Certificate A only qualified to attend DAP National Congress and to cast their votes for CEC election. While branches with Certificate B only qualified to attend DAP National Congress as an observer and has no right to cast their votes.

All pro Lim Dynasty branches will be given Certificate A which allows them to cast their vote. Branches that identified as none supportive of Lim Dynasty will be given Certificate B and they did not have the right to vote. Not necessary Certificate A branches will always be A. When branch has been identified as none supportive, secretary general will change the certification to B according to their supportiveness level at any time and at all caused.

An old Chinese proverbs saying that  "no horse can wear two saddles".

These is the second manipulation done by Lim Kit Siang on DAP Constitution to ensure he and his dynasty reign absolute power in DAP. 

DAP Constitution which were formulated by Lim Kit Siang himself also stated that eligible voting members can’t determine who they vote for National Chairman , Deputy National Chairman , Vice National Chairman , Secretary general and Other post. They only allowed to vote 20 candidates which compete to fill CEC.

When the result of 20 winning candidates as CEC announce , the 20’s will have a meeting among themselves to determined Chairman , Deputy Chairman , Secretary General and other post. They were ask to vote openly before Lim Families. When dealing with this situation, all elected CEC members best described as a cow with pricked nostrils and they have to choose Lim Kit Siang or Lim Guan Eng as Secretary General which is the most powerful post in DAP.

Anybody who opposed , will never be a candidate for Malaysia General Election and sharing the same fate as Lee Lam Thye, Wee Choo Keong and over 100 more members which already being sacked from DAP.

Almost 50 years Lim Kit Siang not just manipulate DAP Constitution but he himself manipulate representative attendance to DAP National Congress and votes counting  for CEC to ensure that he himself or his dynasty will continue to lead DAP.

Kit Siang knew that the journey for him in DAP is already reaching the end. He has to ensure that the survival of his dynasty in DAP will survive and last forever. Lim Guan Eng as Secretary General and Lim Hui Ying as Penang DAP Secretary. Lim Kit Siang also fully aware that his son Lim Guan Eng not as smart and cunning as he is in politics and not a favourable leader among DAP top benchers. All this happened because of his arrogances and foolishness thus reflecting the CEC 2012 scandalous issue. Lim Guan Eng is not as smart and cunning as his old man on vote manipulation that finally leads to a disastrous issue in DAP. 

Lim Guan Eng foolishness causing Lim Kit Siang cracking his head thinking on strategies to kick out a group of people in DAP called 5 Tiger. This group will give a tremendous problem and threat to him and future of his dynasty in DAP.

Who is the 5 Tiger and why Lim Kit Siang has to slaughter them?

Catch the next chapter soon.


Seperti yang saya tuliskan semalam, hari ini saya kembali dengan kisah penipuan Dinasti Lim dalam DAP. Mulai hari ini saya akan kongsikan dengan anda bagaimana Dinasti Lim memanipulasi perlembagaan DAP untuk memastikan mereka terus berkuasa.

Sejak 1968 DAP sentiasa dikawal oleh Lim Kit Siang yang memegang jawatan Setiausaha Agung atau Pengerusi Kebangsaan. Dalam organisasi DAP Setiausaha Agung paling berkuasa. Konsep ini sama seperti yang diamalkan oleh Parti Komunis Malaya yang mana jawatan Setiausaha Parti Komunis Malaya dipegang oleh Chin Peng.

Berikut adalah salah satu cara yang dimanipulasi oleh Lim Kit Siang untuk memastikan dia dan disnatinya terus berkuasa.

Parti DAP tidak mempunyai bahagian disetiap parlimen sepertimana yang diamalkan parti-parti lain. Mereka hanya mempunyai cawangan sahaja.

Cawangan-cawangan parti DAP pula dibahagikan kepada dua kumpulan.

i)              Cawangan sijil A
ii)             Cawangan sijil B

Penentuan samada sesebuah cawangan layak mendapat sijil A atau sijil B dibawah kuasa Setiausaha Agung.

Ahli-ahli cawangan sijil A layak untuk hadir ke Kongres Kebangsaan DAP dan layak mengundi untuk memilih CEC.

Ahli-ahli cawangan sijil B hanya layak hadir ke Kongres Kebangsaan DAP sebagai pemerhati sahaja dan TIDAK dibenarkan mengundi.

Cawangan yang dikenal pasti menyokong Dinasti Lim akan diberi sijil A untuk membolehkan mereka mengundi. Mana-mana cawangan yang dikenal pasti tidak menyokongnya dan tidak akan memberi undi kepadanya akan diberi sijil B untuk menghalang mereka daripada mengundi, walaupun sebelum itu cawangan tersebut mempunyai sijil A.  Setiausaha Agung berkuasa untuk menukar sijil cawangan dari A ke B atau dari B ke A bila-bila masa sahaja mengikut keperluannya.

Cara kedua bagaimana Lim Kit Siang memanipulasi Perlembagaan DAP untuk memastikan dia dan dinastinya terus berkuasa.

Perlembagaan DAP yang dirangka Lim Kit Siang juga menetapkan bahawa ahli-ahli yang layak mengundi pada pemilihan parti tidak boleh memilih siapa yang mereka hendak letak sebagai Pengerusi Kebangsaan, Timbalan Pengerusi Kebangsaan, Naib Pengerusi Kebangsaan, Setiausaha Agung dan jawatan-jawatan yang lain. Mereka hanya boleh memilih 20 calon-calon yang bertanding untuk mengisi CEC.

Apabila keputusan 20 yang terpilih sebagai  anggota CEC diumumkan maka 20 orang yang terpilih itu akan bermesyuarat untuk menentukan siapa yang dipilih sebagai Pengerusi, Naib Pengerusi, Setiausaha Agung dan jawatan lain. Tidak ada undi sulit. Mereka diminta memilih secara terbuka di depan keluarga Lim. Apabila berhadapan dengan situasi begini semua anggota CEC akan menjadi seperti lembu dicucuk hidung dan mereka terpaksa memilih Lim Kit Siang atau Lim Guan Eng sebagai Setiausaha Agung selaku orang yang paling berkuasa dalam DAP.

Jika ada yang cuba melawan mereka tidak akan dipilih sebagai calon dalam pilihanraya dan akan menerima nasib malang sepertimana yang dialami oleh Lee Lam Thye, Wee Choo Keong dan lebih 100 orang lagi yang telah dipecat dari DAP.

Hampir 50 tahun Lim Kit Siang bukan sahaja memanipulasi perlembagaan DAP malah turut memanipulasi kehadiran perwakilan ke Kongres Kebangsaan serta pengiraan undi pemilihan CEC untuk memastikan dia atau dinastinya akan terus menguasai DAP.

Kit Siang tahu dia sekarang sudah dihujung usia dan penggal ini adalah penggal terakhirnya. Jadi dia perlu pastikan perjalanan politik dinastinya dalam DAP terus selamat. Lim Guan Eng sebagai Setiausaha Agung dan Lim Hui Ying sebagai Setiausaha DAP Pulau Pinang. Lim Kit Siang juga tahu anaknya Lim Guan Eng tidak sepintar beliau dalam berpolitik dan juga tidak disukai oleh ramai pimpinan DAP kerana sikap angkuh dan sombong. Kebodohan Lim Guan Eng terserlah dalam CEC tahun 2012. Dia tidak sebijak Lim Kit Siang dalam memanipulasi undi sehingga membuatkan DAP berhadapan dengan masalah besar sekarang.

Akibat kebodohan Lim Guang Eng itu, kini Lim Kit Siang sedang memerah otak berfikir bagaimana cara untuk beliau menendang keluar satu kumpulan yang dikenali sebagai Lima Harimau yang boleh mendatangkan masalah besar kepadanya dan dinastinya dalam DAP.

Siapa Lima Harimau dan kenapa Lim Kit Siang perlu sembelih mereka ?

Berjumpa dalam episod yang akan datang.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


My name is Peter and I am a member of DAP Johor since 1998. The reason I join DAP is because I believed DAP is a genuine fighter on democracy for all Malaysian. Even my self , a degree holder , well educated person falls in their lies and deception. DAP is not fighting for Malaysian , they are fighting for Lim Dynasty.

As I am openly opposed The Lim Dynasty especially on CEC fraud , my life now is a living hell. Lim Dynasty breeding Tugs often harassed me. At this moment , I have to leave Malaysia and find asylum in Indonesia. I am safe here and will continue what I have started . The fighting will be from the distance to ensure that Malaysian knows how evil Lim Dynasty is.

Today , I will start writing and exposed the fraud on CEC . I will also expose on how Lim Dynasty , Tony Pua and Anthony Loke manipulate the votes on CEC to secure their power in DAP.

I have decided also to write this article in both Bahasa Malaysia and English. My fellow compatriot , a friend of mine and he is a Malay chap who has served DAP Assemblyman before as a Special Officer will help me to translate the writing to Bahasa Malaysia. The reason for this blog using both Bahasa and English is to ensure all Malaysian knows the fraud that Lim Dynasty has done with all the deceptions and tactics made by them all this while to reign power in DAP.


Nama saya Peter dan saya adalah ahli DAP sebuah cawangan di Johor.Saya menyertai DAP sejak tahun 1998.Saya masuk DAP kerana percaya parti DAP memperjuangkan demokrasi tulen untuk rakyat Malaysia.Walaupun saya seorang yang cerdik dan memilki ijazah tetapi saya pun tertipu dengan DAP.Mereka bukan berjuang untuk rakyat Malaysia tetapi berjuang untuk Dinasti Lim.

Kerana saya terlalu lantang melawan Dinasti Lim terutamanya dalam kes penipuan CEC hidup saya menjadi tidak aman.Saya sering diganggu oleh taiko-taiko yang dipelihara Dinasti Lim.Untuk sementara waktu saya melarikan diri ke Indonesia kerana gangguan taiko Lim.Hidup saya lebih aman disini dan saya akan berjuang daripada jauh untuk memastikan semua rakyat Malaysia tahu kejahatan Dinasti Lim.

Tujuan saya membuka blog ini dalam Bahasa Malaysia untuk menceritakan kepada semua rakyat Malaysia tentang kejahatan Dinasti Lim.Saya tidak mahir menggunakan bahasa melayu.Mujurlah ada seorang rakan berbangsa melayu yang pernah bekerja sebagai pegawai seorang bekas wakil rakyat DAP menolong saya. 

Mulai hari ini saya akan menulis tentang penipuan pemilihan CEC.Saya akan dedah sampai habis bagaimana cara Dinasti Lim,Tony Pua,Anthony Loke manipulasi undi untuk memastikan mereka terus berkuasa dalam DAP.