Friday, February 14, 2014


Early December 2011
Two representative from Goldsino Investment Limited always visiting Yayasan Selangor office to set an appointment with the Development Manager, Ms. Hafida Harun. On their early visit, they often meet Sr. Executive of Development, Mr. Haszandi. Through Haszandi, Goldsino reps were introduced to Ms. Hafida to set date of appointment for Goldsino to present their proposal. The first meeting was agreed to be held on 14th December 2011.

14 December 2011 (1000 hrs)   
Meeting was held at Yayasan Selangor 16th floor in a meeting room for Asset and Development division. Two reps from Goldsino and three reps from Yayasan Selangor, Development Manager, Sr. Executive of Development and Development Supervisor.

Goldsino started the presenting their paperwork on Solar Photovaltaic Power Plant project. Goldsino repeatedly mentioned that they knew Teresa KOK. Development Manager given order to Legal Executives to run through this company background as this company is an international company.
Goldsino representative urged Yayasan Selangor to come out with MOU so that the signing ceremony would be held on December 2011 as the company president were around in KL during that time. Meeting ended with legal department to clarify and scan through the company profile. Development Manager demanded few documents for Goldsino to submit. A second meeting was set on 27th December 2011 at 0900hrs with the top management of Yayasan Selangor. Goldsino reps handed over the demanded documents after lunch on the same day.

27 December 2011 (0900 hrs)
Meeting was held at Yayasan Selangor 18th floor in a meeting room. Present on that meeting:-
a). Mr. Raja Amir Shah , Deputy General Manager. Meeting Chairman.
b). Development Manager
c). Audit Manager
d). Finance Manager
e). Legal Executive
f). Development Sr. Executive
g). Development Supervisor
h). Land Supervisor
i). Representatives from Goldsino Investment Limited   

Business Development Manager introduced Goldsino representatives to Yayasan Selangor representatives. According to Development Manager, they are from China but already stayed in Malaysia for quite sometimes. Goldsino started their presentation stated the reason and objective to develop Solar Energy. According to them, the first project by them already started in Perak.

According to Goldsino, Yayasan Selangor have to come out with an offer letter to Goldsino for application and approval to develop Solar Energy from TNB. TNB required documents for the particular land before application being made.

Chairman of the meeting stated that international company having difficulty on the application process due to terms and condition. Yayasan Selangor proposed that Goldsino to submit their documents using local registered company to ease the application process before Yayasan Selangor can issue out any letter. 

Chairman of the meeting stated that Yayasan Selangor will issue Letter Of Intent to Goldsino after Legal Department and Management discus and agreed on the terms and condition. Development Manager set the next meeting to be held on 28th December 2011 and the letter will be issued that day.

28 December 2011 (1430 hrs)
Official ceremony to handover Letter of Intent to Goldsino was done in a meeting room at 18th. floor Yayasan Selangor Tower. Present on the meeting:
a). Mr. Raja Amir Shah , Deputy General Manager. Meeting Chairman.
b). Development Manager
c). Audit Manager
d). Finance Manager
e). Legal Executive
f). Development Sr. Executive
g). Wealth Executive
h). Development Supervisor
i). Land Supervisor
j). 4 representatives from Goldsino Investment Limited including their President to sign the acceptance of the letter of intent.

Meeting started with an introduction to foreign investor. Development Manager presented Yayasan Selangor profile and background to Goldsino President. Then, Goldsino reps officially presented their organisation background and their intention to develop solar power plant.

Goldsino President present in the meeting does not speaking or understanding English. All discussion details being translated by their company representatives. Officially, the acceptance letter of intent ceremony was held and signed by Goldsino President. The letter issued and sign by Deputy General Manager of Yayasan Selangor.

Legal Department brief Goldsino representatives reason that Yayasan Selangor unable to release an offer letter earlier was because of terms and condition. The offer letter only can be issued out after Goldsino application to TNB approved. Meeting was adjourned.

My biggest concern here is to show Malaysian who the present DAP really are. The development on Solar Energy which was proposed doesn’t have any significant necessity in Selangor as there was no power shortage in Selangor. What is their motive for this huge investment which merely seen to be approve anyhow. With the chronology and evidence attached, showed that there is plans to bring in foreign fund to Selangor through Yayasan Selangor on the proposed project. The issuance on Letter of Intent which was signed by Deputy general manager and not a General Manager himself (on leave) without any written/verbal instruction from General Manager clearly showed that abused of power and the issuance of that letter being done very fast effect from pressure they get from somebody on top who have conflict of interest over this matter. Statement from KOK Chee Keong in the meeting that he knew Teresa KOK very well showing that DAP have something to do with this project. I knew Teresa personally. This is not a surprise.

How fast they tend to agree on this project is questionable too. They are making the decision too fast and not even run thorough check on the background to this foreign investor with Bank Negara. At that moment , both land being rented out with good fix income to Yayasan Selangor . On every meeting they had, none of them discussed matters related to return on investment favourable to Yayasan Selangor. Yet, Letter of Intent was release.  I love DAP. I will never let this people tarnish and destroy DAP just to fulfill their own personal agenda and needs but not for the people.

Monday, February 10, 2014


The most sensation news in cyber and all portal media today is all about Teresa KOK. A maiden, whom also one of DAP top leader, Member of Parliament, State Exco on Investment and Industrial in Selangor and a renounce businesswomen. The first day where it all started when she hosting a clip called “onederful“ about so called “Political Satire” and published it in You Tube doesn’t shocked me at all. This method was all pre-planned and headed by DAP top leaders long ago after 2012 CEC meeting. Few plans were drafted. This is one of it beside plans to De-registered DAP and pruning state leaders non-favorable to Lim Dynasty.

Adopted from Dialectic theory, DAP finally launch it. If you follow each DAP top leader movement and comments, you can easily see their role on realizing the success launching this theory. You can read more about Dialectic from the net. The most dangerous method practiced in politics. Dialectic movement has been banned in European countries since centuries ago. Now DAP try to bring it to Malaysia. What a desperate measure to cover up one screw up after another. Playing with race and religion is one of it.

Back to Teresa KOK, she always seems talking about integrity. A self-made hero and champion on anti-corruption. Let me tell you who TERESA KOK really is. Why she is no more as state legislation members and only a member of parliament.

Teresa KOK is not appearing as what she appears to be in public. She seems to be a clean politician. Do you know she had a proxy all these while? Tan Sri Khalid has brought up this matter before PRU13 to DAP top leaders. This resulted that she was not contesting in state legislation assembly seat during PRU13. In this chapter, I will reveal one of Teresa KOK embezzlement and corruption practise. This is about project awarded to a foreign company worth RM1 bil on 2 piece of land in Dengkil and Kuala Kubu Bahru located at Sepang and Hulu Selangor district.

Selangor Foundation known as Yayasan Selangor owned 2 piece of land in Dengkil under Sepang district and Kuala Kubu Bahru under Hulu Selangor district. Land in Dengkil , PT. 39693 with size of 15.17 acre were rented to private religious school with RM25k/month renting fee. Land in Kuala Kubu Bahru, PT. 521 rented to PLKN (Pusat Latihan Khidmat Negara) consist of 2 camps on it with renting fee of RM700k which is the highest contributor/income to Yayasan Selangor. Both land total size approximately 40 to 50 acres.

On 14th. December  2011, Yayasan Selangor received a Letter of Intent from Goldsino Investment Development Limited which based in Zhuhai China to start a Solar Photovaltaic Power Plant project on both mentioned land. Proposal to lease it out for 25 years and this project estimated worth up to RM 1 billion. On the first meeting, 2 representatives from Goldsino Investment Development Limited were present and mentioned that they knew Teresa KOK.

The interesting fact stated in the Letter of Intent from Goldsino Investment Development Limited to Yayasan Selangor “We would to express our sincere appreciation to Yayasan Selangor for inviting us to participating for the above project” showing that earlier discussion has been made between Teresa KOK with representatives from Goldsino Investment Development Limited (referring to KOK Chee Keong, Director of Goldsino Investment Development Limited [Malaysia] ).

On 19th December 2011, Hafidah Haron, Acting Senior Asset and Development Manager in Yayasan Selangor issued a memo with Goldsino Investment Development Limited profile to Legal Officer of Yayasan Selangor to conduct “conducting search of company”. On 22nd December 2011, Yayasan Selangor issued “Letter of Intent” (LOI) to Goldsino Investment Development Limited signed by Raja Amir Shah, Deputy General Manager whom appointed by Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim and Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim.

On 27th December 2011 at 1000hrs, Yayasan Selangor having a meeting with Goldsino Investment Development Limited in a meeting room at Yayasan Selangor Tower. 8 officers presented Yayasan Selangor and KOK Chee Keong alone presenting Goldsino Investment Limited. Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) were discussed on managing issues related to Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB).

LOI were handed to Goldsino Investment Limited President in a meeting on 28th. December 2011. Handing over LOI in a very short time proved that this project was given based on Direct Negotiation method. There were no open tender advertised in Yayasan Selangor website related to this project. Until today, there was no further discussion being made on profit gained by Yayasan Selangor after handing over both land to Goldsino Investment Development Limited.

What puzzled me most is, the proposal for Solar Project seems to be impossible as Selangor has no problem with power shortage. The Direct Negotiation on this project was against Pakatan Rakyat policies on corruption and embezzlement. What is the relation between Goldsino Investment Development Limited with Teresa KOK ? KOK Chee Keong did mention that he knew Teresa KOK very well in the meeting. I will elaborate more on next chapter and attach few documents as proof on Embezzlement and Corruption done by Teresa KOK. We ought to see enough into a hypocrite to see even her sincerity. Who is KOK Chee Kheong? Try to find it out and you will understand better........

Those who cultivate moral confusion for profit should understand this: we will name their names and shame them as they deserve to be shamed. Bob Dole